Baby on Board

The news is out. She’s expecting. However, reality has hit. The nausea. The back pain. The fatigue. The cravings. The stress and more. Turn her roller coaster of emotions upside side, and keep her focused on what it is all about … her sweet baby on board!

  • Gold “Hello” tote
  • Mega Book of Word Search book
  • Expecting You: A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal
  • A cozy and inspirational pair of “I am a great mom” socks
  • “You are a good mom. That’s All.” tumbler
  • Jolly Rancher candies for a sweet treat
  • All-natural lip balm
  • Playing cards

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She needs to smile. He needs to laugh. Your well wishes and support will uplift their spirits and bring them happiness when they need it most.


Maybe it’s a mom on bed rest, a little boy with a broken leg or a friend on the mend. Whatever it is, your love makes all the difference.


Whether he’s a caregiver, she’s grieving after a tragic loss, or things just aren’t going as planned for a friend, your support is important.