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Welcome to Upside Down Gifts, we appreciate you and your business! Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and a "shelter in place" order for the Kansas City, Mo., area, we are unable to fulfill and ship orders until April 24, 2020.

Please consider coming back to our store when we are back open and reach out to us at info@carecentergifts.com with any questions or concerns.

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Elisa, Jill and Sarah



When simple sentiments – like “get well soon” or “I’m here for you.” – just aren’t enough to show you care, you can turn to Upside Down Gifts where every gift is sent with a smile. Our online gift center offers a complete line of caring gifts to bring a little happiness to a friend or loved one who is sick, sad or simply having a bad day. 

Upside Down Gifts is part of Care Center Gifts, LLC, a family business in Kansas City, Missouri. You can trust that our collection of products and gifts are thoughtfully packaged with love in the heart of America to help you support the ones you love when they need it most. If someone dear to you is battling cancer and you want to send your love, please visit our sister site, Cancer Gifts. In addition, please visit our Care Center Gifts site to learn more about our various, unique gift lines. 

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We’re family here. Jill Wuetherich and Sarah Brewster, sisters; and Elisa Trozzolo, sister-in-law, along with their nine children and mom work together at Care Center Gifts, LLC. It’s a fun and joyful environment filled with love.

 Read all about our first year and new line in The Kansas City Star. 

Elisa, Sarah and Jill, owners of Care Center Gifts, LLC

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She needs to smile. He needs to laugh. Your well wishes and support will uplift their spirits and bring them happiness when they need it most.


Maybe it’s a mom on bed rest, a little boy with a broken leg or a friend on the mend. Whatever it is, your love makes all the difference.


Whether he’s a caregiver, she’s grieving after a tragic loss, or things just aren’t going as planned for a friend, your support is important.